All you need to add is the 26.5mm flare launcher and #2 ramset blanks, which are available in most hardware stores. The sub-caliber insert slides into the barrel of the flare gun: The flare gun is now a loaded Title 1 Firearm by definition. .22, .38 Special, .45/.410 Metals and Polymers : Common flare guns in circulation - quality all metal .... "/>

Original Polish military flare pistol from the Soviet Era, 26.5mm, blued steel Sold individually.These are dated with the year of manufacture and marked with the Polish military factory marking, an 11 in an oval.Dates range from early 50's to the late 1970's. These flare pistols feature all steel construction with synthetic grips.These are built tough to last thru years of. Product Details. The all new AC-Flare Gun is a modern state-of-the-art and highly durable tool to dispense 26.5mm flares or smoke grenades. The body of the pistol is made of a special polymer which is highly impact and UV resistant and can be operated through a wide range of temperatures. The barrel of this flare gun is made of stainless steel.

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